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Project success can be planned

SKAD specialises in the particular challenges that deliver tangible added value to companies. From kick-off to project completion, we efficiently and consistently pursue your individual project goal. Always with an eye for the big picture and a good sense for details. Always in dialogue with you.

Services that have one thing in common: the high quality of the results.
The expertise of SKAD

Below you can get a first impression of the topics in which you can count on us. We will be happy to explain further details and the areas in which we can support you in a personal meeting.

Restructuring and efficiency
Differentiated approach to cost reduction measures

Increasing competition and margin pressure, regulatory requirements or a changed market situation - there are many reasons that put companies or business units under pressure and require restructuring.

Together with us, you can take a change-measure-driven approach. This means driving qualitative changes to reduce costs instead of simply 'shaving off' costs across the board. On the one hand, this increases profitability in a targeted manner, and on the other hand, you use the opportunity to optimize your process quality, which can ensure better work results in the long term.

SKAD matrix for cost optimisation

Strategy and Operations
Flexible and effectively positioned for future success

Operating in a globalised and technology-driven environment poses special challenges for companies. Those who fail to align their strategy in an agile and digital way and their operative business in a flexible, adaptable and efficient way will have a hard time keeping up with changes of markets, competitors and customers.

Therefore, take advantage of our expertise in corporate governance as well as our comprehensive risk and methodological competence. They are the basis for modern and future-oriented corporate strategies aimed at the best possible individual solutions. In doing so, we have the optimisation of processes and the establishment of best practices just as much in view as the sustainable securing or creation of competitive advantages.

IT Transformation
Aligning IT landscapes for the future

Anyone who wants to use modern technologies and be adaptable in the future needs the right technical prerequisites. And it is precisely these that can be created within the scope of IT transformation projects through a complete inventory, evaluation and adaptation of a company's IT.

This can benefit you in three ways: by increasing productivity and business agility, and by reducing IT costs.

In order for the IT transformation to succeed, all relevant parameters must be taken into account in the best possible way, from analysis to implementation. When working with us, you benefit from our methodological expertise, our experience and our process know-how.

Intelligent automation
Automate tasks and business processes profitably with RPA bots

Intelligent automation uses robotic process automation (RPA) - extended by elements from the field of artificial intelligence. SKAD develops intelligent RPA bots that recognize and process screen content, search and fill databases, enter text and data in programs or on websites, and navigate with a mouse click - just like a human.

The goal is always the automated flow of tasks and business processes, which quickly provides you with measurable success. With this intelligent technology solution, costs can be reduced, processes accelerated, and employees relieved and deployed in a more value-added manner. At the same time, an increase in the quality of work results is possible.

Artificial intelligence
Profiting from a key technology

What distinguishes artificial intelligence (AI) from conventional computer programs is its ability to learn. A normal application 'only' works through defined processes. An AI system, on the other hand, 'learns' by recognizing patterns in huge data sets and independently finds solutions to tasks and problems.

The fields of application for AI in companies are surprisingly diverse and enable both qualitative and quantifiable successes. We would be happy to work with you to identify your opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, create forecasts, develop innovative products, create special customer experiences or even open up new business areas. With our expertise, many things are feasible.