Unlocking the potential of AI: The power of networking and beyond

In the dynamic, fast-paced world of artificial intelligence (AI), networking isn't just an optional extra – it's a lifeline that connects us to a vast ecosystem of knowledge, innovation, and collaboration. As an advisor, I've been privileged to witness the transformative power of networking, that bridges gaps, inspires ideas, and creates a collaborative community in the European AI landscape.

Why networking is critical to AI success

To me, the benefits of networking in the AI industry are particularly evident in three aspects of the technology and business landscape: forming technology partnerships, advancing AI governance and for attracting AI talents.

First, technology partnerships and exchanges serve as invaluable compasses in the ever-evolving AI landscape. They help us stay on top of the latest developments, from breakthroughs in AI research to emerging applications across industries. Our partnership with Aleph Alpha, as well as our interactions with numerous other solution providers, is a testament to the critical role of networking in driving technological innovation and ensuring that we deliver informed, state-of-the-art solutions to our customers.

Second, policy networking is critical to shaping the future of AI governance. AI is not just a technology - it is a tool that could profoundly reshape societies and economies. Therefore, being an active participant in the discourse surrounding AI regulation is vital. By engaging with policymakers, we can improve decisions and ensure that regulation effectively balances innovation and ethical standards.

Third, networking is a powerful way to attract talent. Connecting with young AI talents and experts is not merely about recruiting – it's about building a community that fosters innovation and enables the industry. By connecting with the brightest minds in AI, we can foster a culture of continuous learning and innovation to benefit the economy and our society.

Finally, networking can be an eye-opening. For example I recently had an amazing encounter at an AI conference. I met a startup that was developing an AI system to analyze consumption data from an apartment complex to detect emergencies, especially for the elderly. This innovative solution, designed to save lives, captured the essence of the creativity and potential inherent in AI technologies.

Such interactions, far from being mere business exchanges, serve as a source of inspiration and a reminder of the transformative potential of AI!

AI Summit: A convergence of AI thought leaders in Hamburg

The AI.Summit in Hamburg is more than a conference - it is a convergence of bright minds, innovative ideas, and diverse perspectives. This premier networking event unites a global community of AI enthusiasts in exploring the latest developments, challenges, and opportunities in AI.

The summit’s agenda is as diverse as the AI ecosystem itself. The topics range from exploring large language models, such as ChatGPT, to the fascinating intersection of AI and the Web3. We will delve into the intricacies of building an AI-centric businesses and navigate the transition of AI innovations from the lab into the market. Additionally, we will examine the role of AI in addressing global challenges, such as climate change and sustainability, critically.

The AI.Summit speakers are a testament to the wealth of knowledge and expertise within the AI community. With Dr. Peter Tschentscher, President of the German Bundesrat and First Mayor of the Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg and many other distinguished speakers and panelists, the Summit promises a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights from leading figures in the field.

Personally, I am looking forward to participating in the panel discussion on "The role of AI governance and regulation for innovators". This is a central topic in our industry, and one that can greatly benefit from diverse perspectives and open dialogue.

Shaping the AI landscape in Hamburg

Hamburg's thriving AI ecosystem is enhanced by its extensive network of advisors and AI experts who share their knowledge and experience across industries. As a founding member of the AI4Germany initiative, AI.Hamburg is committed to actively supporting the local economy and society in Germany in the application of AI. At SKAD, we are delighted to be an active participant in this thriving AI ecosystem!

AI.Hamburg, an initiative supported by various stakeholders including Smaato founders Petra Vorsteher and Ragnar Kruse, aims to accelerate the adoption of AI in companies and startups, promote education and training, and build a leading ecosystem for AI applications.

Emphasizing the importance of networking for AI Progress

The role of interconnectedness in the AI sphere goes beyond simply making connections it includes disseminating knowledge, cultivating a collaborative spirit, and creating a dedicated cohort focused on advancing this transformative technology. As we eagerly anticipate AI.Summit, we are reminded of the remarkable strength of these connections and the promise they hold for shaping the future of AI.

At SKAD, we pledge to continue to play a vital role in this vibrant ecosystem. We will continue our efforts to collaborate with other pioneers, regulators, universities and subject matter experts, forming alliances that will guide us through the rapidly changing terrain of AI and enable us to deliver game-changing solutions to our clients.

As we continue our journey through the exciting realm of AI, we invite you to join us in this exploration.

After all, the future of AI isn't just an arrival point - it's a journey best taken together.

Felix Broßmann is Director for Intelligent Automation at SKAD. He is a renowned expert in AI governance and offers insightful consultation in this field.

For any queries, reach out to him at f.brossmann@sk-advisory.com.